Infectious Diseases

Who we are

The PCH Infectious Diseases Department provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services for children and young people who have, or who are at higher risk of, infectious diseases.

Conditions we manage

Our staff are skilled and experienced in caring for children with conditions such as:
  • Tuberculosis
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  • Complicated or resistant infections
  • Issues relating to immunisation.

Services we provide

  • Direct consultations with inpatients and outpatients
  • Collaboration with colleagues in other medical teams who are involved with the patient's care, such General Paediatrics, Paediatric Critical Care, Oncology and Haematology, Immunology and Refugee Health Service
  • A comprehensive Children’s Antimicrobial Management Program (ChAMP) to optimise the treatment of children with diagnosed or suspected infection through guideline development, inpatient review and phone advice
  • Active involvement in the Hospital in the Home (HiTH) home visitation program
  • Extensive consultation services and telephone advice across Western Australia to help doctors who are managing children with infectious diseases
  • Close links to laboratory-based microbiology services provided by PathWest
  • Clinical input into infection control and prevention strategies
  • Internationally recognised infection and immunisation research.

Outpatient clinics

Our Department runs four outpatient clinics, which are structured across a fortnightly rotation. Urgent referrals are scheduled into any available spaces.

General Infectious Diseases Clinic

This clinic provides assessment, diagnosis and management for infections that are:

  • chronic or recurrent
  • acquired perinatally (before or shortly after birth)
  • difficult to treat.

Combined Immunodeficiency Clinic

This clinic reviews patients who require input from both infectious diseases physicians and immunologists. This includes young people with HIV infections or exposure, as well as those with specific primary immunodeficiency. Our consultant-led clinic is supported by the clinic nurse consultant, social workers and advanced trainees in infectious diseases and immunology.

Immunisation Clinics

Our two clinics - the General Opportunistic Immunisation Clinic and the High Risk Immunisation Clinic - provide vaccination for children who require more complex immunisation schedules, and advice for children whose parents are concerned about immunisation.

Medical support is provided by Infectious Diseases consultants and advanced trainees.

  • General Opportunistic Immunisation Clinic

All children attending PCH for any outpatient or emergency department service are eligible to attend this clinic, which is coordinated by a certified immunisation nurse provider. The General Opportunistic Immunisation Clinic operates from Clinic D with or without appointments. Please note that all inpatients who require scheduled immunisations will be vaccinated on the ward prior to discharge.

Contact the General Opportunistic Immunisation Clinic by email

  • High Risk Immunisation Clinic

Children who experience adverse events following immunisation are reviewed at this clinic, and vaccination may be provided under supervision. Located in Clinic B, the service is coordinated by the WA Vaccine Safety Surveillance (WAVSS) nurse from the Central Immunisation Clinic.

Contact the High Risk Immunisation Clinic by email

Tuberculosis Clinic

This clinic is offered offsite through the WA Tuberculosis Control Program at the Anita Clayton Centre in central Perth, where Infectious Diseases consultants and advanced trainees provide medical support for the testing, diagnosis, treatment and case management of tuberculosis.


Please use the PCH Central Referral System for the General Infectious Diseases Clinic.

Referrals to the Combined Immunodeficiency Clinic are arranged through the Immunodeficiency Clinical Nurse Consultant.

For the High Risk Immunisation Clinic, please contact by email.


Thursdays, 1pm – 4:30pm.

We also operate inpatient services at all times.


Most of our outpatient clinics are in Clinic B on the Ground Level.

The General Opportunistic Immunisation Clinic is held in Clinic D on Level 1.

View the PCH map for more information.


Phone: 6456 2222 (PCH switchboard).

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