Our performance

We measure, monitor and compare our performance across all levels of the organisation from one month to the next, one year to the next and against other organisations that deliver the same type of care.

This information is captured in performance measurements which are conducted and reported to the health service executive and within WA to demonstrate that we are doing everything possible to improve services to the public. 

We measure our performance and benchmarks against peer hospitals to identify opportunities to improve services. Measuring performance promotes the development of a culture of continuous quality improvement so that every patient or client receives the best care possible every time they use our services. 


Outside of our local measures, there are other agencies that measure and report on performance: 

My Hospitals 

Provides performance information for public and private hospitals in Australia.  

My HealthyCommunities

An interactive site that provides information on the performance of local health areas and how they compare against other similar areas.

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality for Health Services

A government agency that leads and coordinates national safety and quality improvements across Australia. 

The Australian Council on HealthCare Standards (ACHS)

The ACHS is an authorised accreditation agency with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. The ACHS is authorised to accredit healthcare organisations to the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards (NSQHSS). 

We report on monthly NSQHSS standards under Safety and quality of care.

Children’s Healthcare Australasia

The vision of Children's Healthcare Australasia is... "to enhance the health and wellbeing of children and young people through supporting children's hospitals and health services to achieve excellence in clinical care." 

Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA)

An independent government agency established by the Commonwealth as part of the National Health Reform Act, 2011. IHPA was established as part of a range of reforms aimed at improving the performance of Australian public hospitals. 

The Health Roundtable

A non-profit membership organisation of health services across Australia and New Zealand that promotes interstate and international collaboration and networking amongst health organisation executives.

Last Updated: 07/07/2023