Consumer representative committees

 The feedback and thoughts of our consumers, the people who use our services at CAHS, matter to us.

What do we mean when we use the word 'consumer'?

There are all types of people who use our services at CAHS. We serve children, young people, parents, siblings, carers and families in many different ways when they visit us. We call all of these people ‘consumers’.

What is a consumer representative? 

A consumer who has previously accessed (in the last five years), is currently accessing, or who is eligible to access our services in the future, who is recruited by the health service to formally provide a voice on behalf of consumers and participate in decision-making processes, by being: 

  • A member of a consumer or staff committee 
  • A participant in a focus group or workshop 
  • A panel member for recruiting staff at Child and Adolescent Health Service 
  • Involved in developing and reviewing publications or policies  
  • A guest presenter or helping with staff training 
  • Involved in a particular project or piece of work. 
Last Updated: 25/06/2020