Reporting of child abuse and neglect

All health staff must act whenever they have a concern about possible child abuse or neglect. 

Staff should follow the Guidelines for Protecting Children 2015 (PDF 1.3MB).  

Whenever any health staff receive: 
  • clear physical indicators of child abuse or neglect 
  • disclosure of physical, sexual or emotional abuse from a child and/or a credible source 
  • other information that signifies child abuse or neglect or immediate risk of such 
  • they should complete a Child Protection Concern Referral Form (external site) or a similar form if such has been co-developed between the local health area and Department of Communities district office. 
The form should be forward to the local metropolitan or country Department of Communities district office.  

Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse 

The Guidelines for Protecting Children 2015 (PDF 1.3MB), outlines the procedures all WA Health doctors, nurses and midwives must follow in order to comply with mandatory reporting requirements for child sexual abuse. 
Last Updated: 27/10/2020