Referrals and appointments

Service change: Referrals and appointments to Community Mental Health clinics

In response to Coronavirus please send referrals by email. Please check your local Community Mental Health clinic for details.

How to be referred

Referrals of children, young people (under the age of 18 years) and their families to community mental health clinics can come from a:

  • GP
  • treating therapist
  • specialist
  • school 
  • community organisation.

There is a designated person at every community mental health clinic who can provide advice and support on referrals and options in your area. Find out where your local Mental Health Community clinic is here.

Download the referral form (Word, 59KB)

Referrals for health professionals

For more information on how to refer a patient as a health professional, please visit For health professionals.

How long will it take to get an appointment?  

This is best answered by contacting the reception at the community you have been referred to or the community mental health clinic in your area. 

Explaining Choice and Partnership appointments 

If you and your family decide you want to come and see us, you can call our reception to book a first appointment with us. We call this a Choice appointment

This first appointment will usually last one to two hours. You will be seen by one or two people who will talk to you and your parents or carers to understand the issues and to decide who might be best to work with you. 

We may work with your parents or carers, supporting them to help you. We have found that things work best when we all come together to help solve the problems. We will discuss with you the kind of help and treatment we or other agencies might be able to offer.

If we decide with you that you do not need to see us, then we will link you with the most appropriate person and agency that can help.

If we decide with you, that support and treatment from our team at the community mental health clinic is needed, then we will ask you to choose a suitable day and time for you to see us again for another appointment, called a Partnership appointment.

Partnership appointment

You will be seen by the people who will best be able to help you, depending upon the type of problem and the reason for your referral.

At the end of the meeting we will work out a plan together. You will have a say as we work out what happens next. You might keep coming to community mental health, or you may go to another service. We may want to see you by yourself, in a group of children with similar worries, with your family or we may only need to see your parents or carers. 

Will it be private? 

It is sometimes helpful for us to talk with other people like your teacher or your doctor. We will ask you and your parents or carers for permission first, before we contact them. If we think that you might be in danger of being hurt, then we may need to tell someone else to keep you safe.  We will try and answer any questions you have when we meet.


Consent will be explained at your appointment and you will be provided with a consent form to sign, if you have any concerns or questions please discuss this at your appointment. Consent forms are updated on a regular basis. 

Last Updated: 05/02/2021