Research suites at Perth Children's Hospital

Telethon Clinical Research Centre


There are some changes to research clinic appointments as a result of COVID-19 response and hospital processes. 

Find out more. 

Check the drop-box on 'How research clinic activity has changed' for specific information.


The Telethon Clinical Research Centre is a dedicated clinical research area located in the Perth Children’s Hospital outpatient clinic D.

This is a unique space with modern facilities that enables CAHS, Telethon Kids Institute and university researchers to work together in one specialised area.

Currently the following clinic space is available:

  • 6 standard consultation rooms (an additional 4 rooms are currently unavailable)
  • 4 non-invasive or interview only consult rooms (currently unavailable)
  • 2 respiratory consultation rooms 
  • 1 treatment room

    The suites are available for booking on Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm.

    To access the suites, the project must have PCH governance site approval in advance.

    Approved researchers receive specific information about the booking process and requirements for managing research clinic appointments during local area orientation. Please follow these procedures as normal, plus any additional guidelines related to COVID-19 management.

    If you need further information or have any questions please contact Rachel West, Clinical Nurse Manager Research.

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    Last Updated: 14/12/2020