About the Western Australia Tuberculosis Control Program

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The Western Australia Tuberculosis Control Program manages tuberculosis (TB) in Western Australia and offers a statewide public health service that operates as a resource centre and clinic. Tuberculosis is a notifiable disease under Western Australian health legislation.

The program is part of North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS) and is under the governance of the NMHS.

All services related to the diagnosis, treatment of and relevant medications are provided at no charge.

Please note: The COVID-19 BRACE Clinical Trial involving the Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccination is run by the Telethon Kids Institute (external site). Participation in the trial is limited to Healthcare Workers in designated Western Australian tertiary hospitals. The Anita Clayton Centre does not provide the BCG vaccination.

Services provided by the program

Diagnosis, treatment and case management of active tuberculosis

Surveillance and prevention of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis infection control

  • advice on pre-employment screening of health care workers and tertiary students
  • advice on the management of tuberculosis risk in health care settings
  • assistance with contact tracing in health care settings

Outpatient clinic service and consultative advice

Specialist consultation advice from medical and nursing staff

Development, implementation and review of policy relevant to tuberculosis management and control

Maintenance and reporting on tuberculosis epidemiology.

Relevant policies

Annual report





Western Australian Tuberculosis and Leprosy Advisory Council (WATLAC)

The Western Australia Tuberculosis and Leprosy Advisory Council is the principal advisory body responsible for ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive and high quality tuberculosis control program. Through a process of expert consultation the council provides strategic direction and leadership on matters pertaining to tuberculosis control in WA.

More information

WA Tuberculosis Control Program
Anita Clayton Centre

Opening hours: 8.15am – 4.15pm, Monday to Friday (Closed weekends and public holidays)
Phone: 9222 8500
Fax: 9222 8501
Email: ACCadmin@health.wa.gov.au
Address: 1/311 Wellington St, Perth 6000

Last reviewed: 18-03-2022