Isolation and hospital admission

If you are in quarantine or isolation because of COVID-19 and you need to bring your child to PCH, you will need to follow the guideline to ensure that everyone is kept safe.

Before you arrive

Please ensure you have requested a movement order by calling the WA Police on 131 444. This allows the police to change your quarantine direction so you and your child can travel from your quarantine address to PCH. This must be done to avoid any infringements from WA Police. If you have someone dropping you off that is also in quarantine, they must also be granted a movement order.

Please note that your child is allowed only one caregiver with them at all times. Visitors are not permitted to PCH whilst you are under a quarantine directive.

After your movement order has been granted, please call PCH to inform us that you are coming to hospital to allow our staff to prepare for your arrival. Please call the PCH Switchboard on 6456 2222 and ask to speak to:

  • Emergency admissions: ED Shift Coordinator - if you are bringing your child to the Emergency Department
  • Booked admissions: Shift Coordinator of the ward you are being admitted to ie. 4B Shift Coordinator - if you are being admitted to the hospital.
When you arrive

Before exiting the vehicle, please call the Shift Coordinator to inform them of your arrival and put a surgical mask on you and your child (if they will wear one).

Do not enter the hospital without a staff escort. The staff escort will take you to your room.

Please follow all given instructions as it is important to protect both you and your child, as well as other patients, families and our staff.

Parking your car

If you are parking your car at PCH, please park on the ground level of the multi-deck carpark at QEII.

You will not be charged for parking if you are discharged within your quarantine period (please see details below). Please follow these instructions:

  1. Call the Shift Coordinator and wait for their instructions.
  2. Keep your mask in place at all times until instructed by a staff member that it is safe to remove it.
  3. Do not touch any surfaces as you move from your car to the meeting point and upon arrival to the Red zone.

Being dropped off

If you are being dropped off, please use the parking bays outside the entrance to the Emergency Department (ACROD bays) and call the Shift Coordinator for their instructions on where to go. 

Quarantining in hospital


You will have a single room whilst in quarantine. You must not exit this room at any time.

The nursing staff will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is masks, gowns and gloves, when they are caring for your child.

If your quarantine period ends during your admission and you and your child have returned negative COVID-19 swabs, you may be moved into a shared room to accommodate other infectious patients.


You and your child will be provided with three meals per day. If you have any special dietary requirements or require extra food for metabolic conditions such as diabetes, please inform your nurse looking after you.


Each room has a TV with a Patient Entertainment System (PES). The PES has TV, apps and information and our Patient Meal Ordering System (PMOS) for ordering your meals.

Testing Requirements

Depending on if you have travelled from interstate or overseas, you and your child will require COVID-19 swabs on specific days.

This is a mandated directive by Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC). Your nurse will perform swabs on the days required.

If you receive a text message indicating you are due for your COVID-19 test and you have not received one, please inform your nurse. If you have been discharged while in quarantine and still require testing, please present to a testing centre as instructed.


If you are feeling isolated, please let your nurse know, so we can help you get some support.

Being discharged

Once your child is ready to go home, PCH will contact the WA Police to obtain a movement order for you to travel from PCH with your child to where you are quarantining. If someone is picking you up and they are still in quarantine, please inform the nursing staff so we can also ask for a movement order for that person.

By car

Once transported to the Ground level by the transport team, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Keep you and your child's mask in place until you are in your car.
  2. Walk directly from the hospital to your car, do not pay for parking.
  3. When exiting the car park, press the 'phone' button at the boom gates and explain to the Parking Officer that you are a visitor with suspected COVID-19.
  4. Travel directly from the hospital to your place of residence with no deviations.

Being picked up

Please have the driver call you when they arrive and meet you with their car outside the front of the Emergency Department. They must remain in the car at all times.

The transport team will transfer you to the meeting point.

Using a taxi or rideshare

The following instructions must be followed when you are catching a taxi or rideshare:

  1. You must let the rideshare or taxi know of your COVID suspected status when you book. This allows the driver to prepare themselves and wear a mask.
  2. You must wear a surgical mask for the duration of the trip. If your child will tolerate a mask they should also wear one.
  3. You must sit 1.5m away from the driver where able with the windows down (i.e. back seat).
  4. If you are unable to maintain distance from the driver, please ensure all windows are down to allow for airflow throughout the vehicle.

Need help?

If you have any questions or concerns please ask our nursing staff.