Your hospital stay

Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) provides a welcoming and healing environment for children, young people and their families and carers.

More than half of the inpatient rooms at PCH are single occupancy, which allows for greater privacy and comfort.

In each standard inpatient room, parents or carers can stay overnight in a bed next to their child. There are parent lounges next to each inpatient ward and a 12-bed parent accommodation facility for emergency situations.

A range of cafes, recreation facilities and family resource areas are available throughout the hospital. See Amenities and facilities for more information.

Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted in any part of PCH, including parent accommodation areas and lounges, Fun on Four or any outdoor or garden space.

Your Guide to PCH

Whether your child’s admission is for a day stay, overnight or longer, find out everything you need to know in Your Guide to PCH (pdf).