Calling for Help

At Perth Children’s Hospital, we recognise that as parents and carers you know your child far better than health care providers. You know what the ‘normal’ behaviours and characteristics are for your child. 

This section provides advice for parents and carers about how to get help if you think your child’s condition is worsening while they are staying in hospital.

What should you look out for? 

It is important to tell your child’s nurse straight away if you think your child is becoming more unwell or if they are displaying any of the following symptoms: 

  • breathing differently from normal 
  • a different colour from normal e.g. pale or blue 
  • difficult to wake up or unusual behaviour. 

How to get help

If you think your child’s condition is deteriorating while in hospital, follow the steps below. If you are really worried about your child, you can go straight to step five to request a Medical Emergency Team (MET) review.

Calling for help

Medical Emergency Team 

The Medical Emergency Team (MET) provides a medical and nursing assessment (within five minutes) of any child who requires urgent medical review while they are a patient at PCH. The MET is made up of PCH specialist doctors and nurses, and are available on 6456 0337.

How to make a complaint or ask for a second opinion 

If you would like to make a complaint or provide general feedback, please contact the Child and Family Engagement Service or fill out a feedback form. If you wish to ask for a second opinion on your child’s clinical condition, please talk to your PCH nurse for more information.

Download the Calling for Help Health Fact sheet (PDF 276kb).