Your child’s recovery and return to health can be enhanced by plans you make for their future care while they are still in hospital.

During your child's hospital stay, have a chat with your child’s health care team. They’ll discuss your child’s progress with you and give an idea of when your child is likely to be discharged (able to leave) from hospital.

The health care team will also help you understand what kind of things you will need to do to support your child's recovery after they leave hospital.

Please plan to make arrangements for your transport home the night before discharge.

Things to organise before discharge

If you think you will need support caring for your child at home, please talk to our staff so we can arrange the required support ahead of time. 

The following information may assist you in planning for your child’s discharge:


Your child’s doctor will order any medications they think are necessary for your child to take after their discharge from hospital. Please ask the pharmacist or doctor before leaving if you have any questions about the medications.

Special equipment

Your child’s nurse will arrange for any special equipment, such as crutches, for you prior to discharge. You can collect these as you leave the hospital from the Equipment and Consumables Service.

Home visits by nurses

Your child’s health care team will discuss with you whether they think our Hospital in the Home (HiTH) or Post-Acute Care Service (PACS) would be suitable for your child. 

School service

If your child is unable to return to school soon after discharge, contact our hospital school service to find out how they can help your child with their schooling needs while they are at home.

Travel arrangements

If your child is from the country, you may be eligible for some help with travel expenses through the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) (external link) Please speak to your child's nurse about this.

On the day of discharge

Parents and carers will be involved in the decision making and planning for their child’s discharge including any special needs you may require such as home care arrangements, medications or equipment and follow-up appointments. 

If your child’s condition is stable and their treatment is complete, you should be able to go home before 10am on the day of discharge, although discharge can occur at any time of the day depending on your child’s clinical condition. 

Before leaving the ward, check that you have everything you need.

Discharge check-list:

  • Your discharge summary, including prescriptions for discharge medications – this may be given to you by the Outpatients Pharmacy on Level 1 or you can present the script at any community pharmacy after you leave. Feel free to ask a nurse for your child’s discharge summary leading up to their day of discharge
  • Equipment – medical equipment or aids can be arranged if necessary.
  • Instructions for your child’s ongoing care – Hospital in the Home (HiTH) or the Post-Acute Care Service can be arranged if appropriate.
  • Medical certificate for your child’s school or your work – ask for this as soon as possible.
  • Follow up appointment information – you will receive a letter in the post around 28 days before your scheduled appointment.
  • Private x-rays – if you brought any with you to PCH.
  • Personal belongings.

Often after a stay in hospital, children will go through a period of readjustment to home. You may notice your child is more demanding, emotional or anxious. If you feel their reaction is excessive or prolonged, please see your GP or see the KKIND information.

After your child is discharged

If you need help understanding the instructions you were given for your child’s care after they leave hospital or you are concerned about your child’s condition, please contact us.

You can also:

If you have urgent concerns for your child’s health and wellbeing please go to an Emergency Department, either at Perth Children’s Hospital or at a hospital closer to your home.

Discharge time

If your child’s condition is stable and their treatment is complete their discharge will be planned for 10am. 

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