Rights and responsibilities

As a parent care giver or child attending Perth Children’s Hospital you and your child have the right to:
  • free public health services
  • treatment in order of need
  • be treated with respect and dignity
  • access a range of services
  • an explanation of treatment and consent before being treated
  • request a second opinion
  • advice on care when you leave the health service
  • confidentiality
  • access to your health records
  • consent before being involved in training or research
  • a simple procedure for making complaints.

To help us provide better care, we need our customers to:

  • Tell staff about their health history and that of their family.
  • Tell staff about treatment or medication they are receiving when admitted to the health service.
  • Tell staff about any change in their condition or any problems they may have with their treatment.
  • Let staff know about any special needs they have, particularly any cultural, religious or access needs.
  • Be courteous and respect the role of health service staff.
  • Follow treatment instructions or let health service staff know if they cannot or do not wish to do so.
  • Keep appointments or let health service staff know as soon as possible if they are unable to attend.
  • Know that the health service has a special role in training health care professionals. Each person’s treatment may provide an opportunity for such training.

To raise issues with staff members, you can:

  • discuss any concerns with the staff involved
  • ask to speak to a more senior staff member
  • ask to speak to the advocate.

You can also lodge a complaint either:

  • by phoning a Child and Family Engagement Service liaison officer on (08) 6456 0032 
  • in person
  • online

Making a complaint will not impact negatively on any future service or treatment you may receive.