Safety and first aid

First aid for a choking adult or child over 1

Signs and symptoms

Sign and symptoms may include:

  • clutching the throat
  • coughing, wheezing, gagging
  • difficulty breathing, speaking and swallowing
  • making a whistling or ‘crowing’ noise or no sound at all
  • face, neck lips, ears, fingernails turning blue.

Managing a choking adult or child

  • Encourage adult or child to relax and cough to remove the object.
  • Call triple zero (000) if coughing does not remove the blockage, or if patient is an infant.
  • Bend the patient well forward and give 5 back blows:
    • use the heel of your hand between the shoulder blades – check if obstruction is relieved after each back blow.
  • If unsuccessful, give 5 chest thrusts:
    • place one hand in the middle of the patient's back for support and heel of other hand in the CPR compression position and give 5 chest thrusts, slower but sharper than compressions
    • check if obstruction is relieved after each chest thrust.
  • If blockage does not clear continue alternating 5 back blows with 5 chest thrusts until medical aid arrives.

If the patient becomes unconscious:

  • call triple zero (000) for an ambulance
  • remove visible obstruction from mouth
  • commence CPR.

Where to get help

  • For emergency or life-threatening conditions, visit an emergency department or dial triple zero (000) to call an ambulance.

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