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Prevent mosquito bites at home

Fight the bite

Mosquitoes can breed around your home. They will lay their eggs in fresh or salty water, and often in containers that hold water. Common breeding sites include pot plant drip trays, gutters, ponds, pet water bowls, old tyres, rubbish, containers and pools that are not well maintained.

Stop mosquitoes breeding around your home by following these simple steps:

  • empty out or discard containers and rubbish that may hold water
  • clean out roof gutters to prevent water from pooling
  • empty, clean and refill bird baths, stock troughs and pet water bowls at least once a week
  • keep swimming pools properly maintained and free of debris
  • empty wading pools at the end of each day
  • stock backyard ponds with fish to eat mosquito larvae
  • cover rainwater and septic tank openings, wells or other large water containers with mosquito-proof mesh
  • keep edges of ponds clear of vegetation
  • cut grass and vegetation regularly around housing and communities to stop mosquitoes seeking shelter
  • apply residual barrier sprays to buildings, structures and vegetation (ensure any application of pesticides is in accordance with the product label).

Unmaintained swimming pool


Maintain swimming pools to stop mosquitoes breeding around your home


Discarded tires


Discarded tyres and other containers can hold water that mosquitoes breed in.

If mosquitoes continue to be a problem around your home, contact:

  • your Local Government Environmental Health Officer
  • the Department of Health (Environmental Health Hazards) on 9285 5500.


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Fight the bite: protect yourself against disease-carrying mosquitoes. Cover up. Repel. Clean up.