Listening and communicating with our consumers

How we communicate and listen to our consumers is very important to us.

Making sure that you are aware of your rights, can raise your concerns and tell us about your experience helps us to improve the quality of care we provide to the children, young people and families of Western Australia.

We monitor how we’re doing in listening and communicating with consumers in the following ways:

We have a Consumer Engagement team who handle compliments, complaints and feedback. We also run surveys across the health service asking you about the experience that you had with us.

Complaints acknowledged within five days

The target for acknowledging complaints within five days is 100%.

Acknowledging complaints within five days  CAHS: April 2024
Target: 100% Result: 100%


You and your child’s healthcare rights

Our healthcare rights explain what you, or someone you care for, can expect when receiving health care from us.

We measure how aware you are of these rights when you receive health care from us.

Parents and carers aware
of their rights
CAHS: April 2024
Target: 95% 96%
Last Updated: 16/05/2024