Visitor guidelines

PCH main entrance with family

To help keep our sickest kids safe, we have some visitor guidelines that you need to follow when you visit us at PCH.

COVID-19: Visiting restrictions

When you visit PCH, you will find the following restrictions in place:

  • SafeWA app registration
  • Infection control measures.

Details on these restrictions are below.

Coming to PCH

Stay at home if you are unwell

Visitor guidelines

Please check the visitor guidelines BEFORE visiting the hospital or attending an appointment.

Visitor guidelines for Inpatients 

Two visitors, per patient.

Except in neonatology (at PCH and KEMH) and ICU where visiting is restricted to parents only.

Please speak to your treating team if you have any questions.

Visitor guidelines for Outpatients

Two visitors, per patient.

Please speak to your treating team if you have any questions. 

To minimise the spread of germs and infections, all visitors must be free of infectious diseases and viruses such as colds and the flu when they visit.

Arriving at PCH  

You must complete register using the SafeWA app and be asked some questions about your health and quarantine status before you can enter the hospital. 

Visit the Hospital map for locations of these entrances.

While you're here

Accessing the wards

Access to the wards is controlled via an intercom service to ward reception. Some wards (such as Paediatric Critical Care and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) have additional criteria and nursing staff within these areas will advise you on what these are. 

After hours access

Main entrance

Weekdays: 6.30am to 9pm
Weekends: 6.30am to 8.45pm

Northern entrance

Accessible by staff only.

After these hours, parents and carers will need to use the Emergency Department entrance and can only access ED and the Green lifts (a shutter restricts access in the concourse between ED and the PCH main entrance and atrium).

Please note: If your child is booked for an operation, both Surgical admissions on Level 3 and the Pink lifts are not accessible until 6.30am.

PCH Security

Your safety and security is of great importance to us. If you see any behaviour you're concerned about, or you feel may impact on you or your child's safety, please speak to a staff member immediately or call PCH Security on 6457 1399.

Read more about Safety and security at PCH.

Bringing gifts

Visitors are welcome to bring or send gifts to inpatients, however balloons must be latex-free and some wards will not allow flowers due to hygiene, infection control and allergy reasons.