Donations and gifts

Monetary donations and fundraising 

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation is the official fundraising body for PCH. 

Monetary donations and fundraising specifically for the hospital are greatly appreciated. 

Donate directly to the PCH Foundation, which invests these funds in five key areas:

  • Advanced equipment and technology
  • Research
  • Expertise
  • Education and training
  • Positive patient experiences

Learn more about the Foundation's impact.

Donation of items

While PCH welcomes community generosity towards our young patients and dedicated staff, please note that our clinical and recreation areas are usually well-stocked with a range of play, education and healthcare items. 

Policies are also in place to ensure donated items are hygienic, healthy and in the best interests of the children. 

For these reasons, a monetary donation through the PCH Foundation (please see above) may be a good option.

If you wish to donate an item or offer a gift, please note the following:

  • Home-made consumable goods of any kind cannot be accepted due to allergy risks
  • Toys, books and games can only be donated if they are brand new and in the original packaging. These items also need to be individually assessed by hospital staff to ensure they are safe and suitable 
  • Anyone wishing to donate gifts in person to unspecified patients, wards or staff requires written approval to be on site. Without this approval, all gifts must be left at the hospital's main enquiry desk, near the main entrance.

PCH reserves the right to accept or decline any gift or donation. 

  To ensure a safe and healthy environment throughout the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS), certain standards have been put in place to ensure items 

PCH reserves the right to decline any gift, present or donation if it is not deemed safe or acceptable under the CAHS policy.