What Matters to Me Poster

Instructions for use

At Perth Children's Hospital we care about what is important to you and your child.

Understanding your values, interests, goals and personal circumstances will help us in providing the best care possible. 

We made the What Matters to Me Posters as a way for you and your family to tell us what is important you during your stay.

Please ask your nurse for a whiteboard marker if there isn’t one next to the What Matters to Me poster.

Perth Children's Hospital What Matters to Me poster

We would appreciate you taking the time to fill in each of the boxes on the poster to share information about what is important to you and/or your child.

This may include telling us about:

  • the important people or pets in your life
  • your Country
  • the language(s) that you and/or your child speak or understand
  • what you and/or your child need to feel comforted (i.e. a teddy bear or certain toys)
  • you and your child’s favourite activities (what do you or your child love to do?)
  • if your child needs help with anything (this could include helping your child eat meals, or providing comfort during medical procedures)
  • when you are expecting to be discharged

Please use this poster to tell us if you need anything before going home and write this information on the poster in the bottom box that asks “I need” (i.e. are you expecting or needing to take home medications or equipment?).