Private patients

You may not be aware that more than two-thirds of privately insured patients choose to use their private health insurance in WA public hospitals.

Your private health insurance helps us to ensure that our hospital has the resources to continue to attract and retain the state’s leading doctors, specialists, nursing and allied health staff, and can continue to provide our patients with the highest quality care in a safe and caring environment.

Benefits of being admitted as a private patient

Thank you for choosing your private health insurance

Perth Children’s Hospital is committed to providing a high standard of care and treatment to every patient. Patients that with eligible private health insurance have the choice to be treated as either a public or private patient.
Regardless of financial status, all patients receive the same quality of treatment and range of services. However, there are additional benefits for patients choosing to use their private health insurance.

These benefits include:

  • $20 vouchers per day of admission
    Redeemable at all food vendors within PCH, including the Foundation Gift Shop
  • 1 x parking voucher per day valid for one exit
  • Toiletries pack on admission

No out of pocket expenses guaranteed

A private patient with appropriate hospital cover has a guarantee of no out of pocket expenses for their hospital stay and procedures (e.g. hospital accommodation, prosthetics, pathology, radiology, ICU, theatre fees, pharmaceuticals, etc) even if you have an excess on your policy.

Your Specialist Doctor/Consultant will provide medical care at no out-of-pocket expense unless he or she advises you differently. In this case, you should discuss the cost directly with your specialist.

In some instances, you may receive invoices, and these will need to be forwarded to Medicare and your health fund for payment. Instruction on how to claim will be provided by the Revenue Department.

Can I get a single room?

We understand a single room is a preferrable choice if your child is admitted at Perth Children’s Hospital.

Single room accommodation cannot be guaranteed, as the clinical needs of all our patients take priority. If a suitable single room is available for your stay, we will do our best to ensure that one is available to you.

How do I know if I am covered

The Private Health industry’s health cover is a tiered system, and it is important for you to know and understand what you are covered for on your policy.

If you have ancillaries/extras or ambulance only cover, you are unable to use this for your private admission.

Our Private Patient Liaison Officers will be able to assist you to determine the type of cover you have, and whether your cover applies to the specialist care you will receive in our hospital.

HBF insurance policy holders

HBF does not allow online eligibility checks to be performed so we rely on our patients and families to provide their current health fund information.

To complete your eligibility please call and speak to a Private Patient Liaison Officer on (08) 6456 0033 7am – 8pm Monday to Friday.

Emergency Department and elective surgery admissions

Emergency Department admissions

If you present to PCH Emergency, please let the admissions clerks know you would like to use your private health insurance.

When you choose to use your private health insurance, you will have no out-of-pocket expenses, including any additional costs associated with pathology, radiology and pharmaceuticals.

Vouchers will be provided on admission if eligible.

Elective surgery admissions

As an elective surgery patient, you can opt to use your private health insurance at any stage during your pre-admission process – from the time you are advised of your booking through to the pre-admission at the hospital.

It is important to remember to provide the hospital with your current health insurance policy details.

If you would like to pre-register your private admission, please call (08) 6456 0033 7am – 8pm Monday to Friday.

Information to help you with hospital accounts as a private patient

When admitted as a private patient, Perth Children’s Hospital guarantees that you will have NO out-of-pocket excess or gap payments to the hospital.

  • In most cases, you will not receive any invoices for your child’s stay in PCH
  • You may receive statements or cheques from your private health fund posted to your home address. These cheques can be brought to PCH where Accounts Receivable will collect. Alternatively you can mail to:

    Accounts Receivable Perth Children’s Hospital
    Child and Adolescent Health Service
    Locked Bag 2010
    NEDLANDS WA 6909

    (Please leave top portion of patient details attached in order to allocate payments correctly)

    The amount paid by your private health fund and Medicare is accepted as full payment.

    Accounts in special cases may also be sent to you separately from the specialist’s private rooms where the specialist would have discussed this with you prior to admission.
  • Pathwest Laboratory accounts only

    Pathology is operated separately from the hospital. Should you receive any PathWest Laboratory Accounts please contact PathWest on (08) 6457 1200.

    You will need to provide them with your Childs Medicare number and your private health fund details. They will be able to lodge an electronic claim to Medicare and your private health fund for the expenses.

  • If you receive cheques for pathology in the mail, please forward to:

    PATHWEST Accounts Receivable
    Locked Bag 2009
    Nedlands WA 6009
Private patient free parking information

Perth Children’s Hospital is pleased to be able to offer free daily parking vouchers to private health patients. The free parking is valid at the PCH Basement Parking, QEII Parking and Carpark No. 7.

How does it work?

You will receive your Private Patient Parking Voucher when you are admitted. A Private Patient Liaison Officer will visit you as required and provide you with your follow up Private Patient Parking Voucher(s). You are entitled to one voucher per family, each day you are visiting the hospital.

Once you receive this voucher, you can redeem your free parking from the Information Desk during business hours.

Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 9pm
Saturday to Sunday from 7am to 9pm

  • Validated ticket has no time limit
    (e.g. validated at 8am, you are able to leave anytime even 2am the next day)
  • The staff at the Information Desk will validate your parking ticket and take your used voucher from you.
  • You then use your validated parking ticket at the carpark boom gate as you exit.
  • If the boom gate charges your validated ticket, press cancel, rotate ticket and insert again.
  • Please endeavour to validate your parking within Information Desk business hours.
  • If you are here for a same-day treatment as a private inpatient, you will receive one Private Patient Parking Voucher.
  • Always keep your Voucher with you. If you lose it, it cannot be replaced.

Related information

  • Lost parking ticket? You will need to pay a Lost Ticket Tariff at the Automatic Pay Station to exit the carpark. You need to collect a receipt so remember not to use contactless payment when you pay for the Lost Ticket Tariff otherwise a receipt is not generated.
  • Didn’t validate before 9pm? You might be eligible for a refund. You must be present at the Information Desk between 8am – 4pm (Mon – Fri) with your paid parking receipt and your Private Patient Parking Voucher. Request for the cashier to be contacted. Upon presentation, please allow a minimum of 15 minutes for a refund to be issued to you.

Contact us

Private Patient Liaison Officer
Phone: (08) 6456 0033

Operating hours

7am – 8pm Monday to Friday

More information

Private Patient Liaison (PDF) 

Thank you for supporting Perth Children's Hospital