Welcome to ED

We are here to help your child get the care they need.

We care for children aged 15 or under with medical or mental health emergencies. It is free for Australian citizens or residents.

Perth Children’s Hospital is also called PCH. Emergency Department is also called ED.

Languages available

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Ask for an interpreter if you don't understand or to help you speak with us. The service is free.

Waiting times

It can be busy in the Emergency Department with lots of sick children waiting to be seen. The sickest children are seen first. The order and waiting times are the same if you arrive by ambulance, and you check these times on the screens in Triage or the waiting room for Pod A and B.

Please tell us if you plan to leave before we have treated your child.

What happens in the Emergency Department

What happens in ED - Triage 


Triage helps staff decide how quickly your child needs to be seen by a doctor. They will check your child and ask you some questions.

What happens in ED - Wait to be seen

Wait to be seen

You will go inside the Emergency Department to wait for a nurse or doctor to see your child. A clerk will ask you some questions while you are waiting.

What happens in ED - Seen by the nurse or doctor

Seen by the nurse or doctor

They will ask questions and check your child to help understand what is wrong.

What happens in ED - Talk with your nurse or doctor

Talk with your nurse or doctor

The doctor or nurse will explain what is wrong and what your child needs.

Ask us questions at any time.

What happens in ED - Tests and treatment

Tests and treatment

Your child might need a blood test, x-ray, or some other tests to find out what is wrong. They may also receive treatment while in the ED. You may need to wait during this time.

What happens in ED - Wait to leave or stay for more treatment

Wait to leave or stay for more treatment

Your doctor may need to observe your child to ensure they are not getting worse or to see their response to treatment. You will get any instructions before you leave. If your child needs to stay for more care, they will be moved to another room in the hospital. 

Meet your healthcare team

There are lots of people who help care for your child.

Your support team in the Emergency Department

If you think your child is in pain

Please talk to a nurse who will assess your child and organise appropriate pain relief.

Are you worried your child is getting worse? We need to know

If your child seems sicker or is behaving unusually, tell us right away. You know your child best. We will listen to you.

Aishwarya's CARE Call logo

Aishawarya's CARE call steps 1 to 3

If your English is limited say ‘Emergency Waiting Room’ or just your room number.

Where are the...


Are located:

  • inside the ED near Pod C
  • Immediately outside the ED triage waiting area near the Green lifts.

Please follow the signage or ask a staff member if you are unsure.

Parenting room

A changing table and breastfeeding room is located between the Green lifts and the vending machines outside ED.

Drink fountains

Water is available in the Beverage Bay near the Pod C waiting area.

Food and drink

  • Free tea and coffee facilities are located at the Beverage Bay inside ED near the Pod C waiting area
  • Vending machines selling snacks and drinks are located outside ED near the Green lifts
  • Little Lion Cafe is near the main entrance on Ground Level
  • The Food Hall is located on Level 1, accessible via the Pink lifts or the stairs outside Little Lion Cafe on Ground Level
  • small convenience store, Xpress Zone, is located on the Ground floor of the QEII multideck carpark and is open Monday to Saturday, 7am to 8pm. 

Public payphones

Located outside ED in the corridor that connects ED to the hospital.


Located outside ED in the corridor that connects ED to the hospital.

Safety and security

Your safety and security is of great importance to us. If you see any behaviour that you are concerned about, or you feel may impact on you or your child’s safety, please contact a staff member or PCH Security on 6457 1399 immediately.

Zero tolerance for abuse

To ensure everyone's safety, we have zero tolerance policy for abuse and aggression. 

Anyone who is physically or verbally abusive or aggressive will be asked to leave immediately and security will be called if necessary. 

Taking photos or filming

For the patients and family or carers and our staff privacy and confidentiality, we ask that you don't take photos or film while you are at PCH.

Going home

When your child is ready to go home, the doctor or nurse will give you some information about what you need to do to care for your child. Please ask us any questions you may have. We may also give you a letter for your local doctor.

When you are home

Follow any instructions given to you by the doctor. If you are worried that your child is not getting better, you can:

  • visit your local doctor
  • call Health Direct on 1800 022 222
  • visit a GP Urgent Care Clinic
  • If it is an emergency, call 000 for an ambulance or come back to the Emergency Department.

Compliments and complaints

Have a compliment or complaint about your experience with us? Tell us over under compliments and complaints