Fun and entertainment

Visits to hospital may sometimes be long, but they don't have to be boring. PCH has a range of play and recreation facilities to make your visit or stay more enjoyable.

Fun on Four

Ronald McDonald Family Room in Fun on Four

The Ronald McDonald Family Room in Fun on Four is a place for play and learning for kids and siblings and a comforting and uplifting area for parents and carers. It features a:

  • Parents Retreat with comfortable seating for respite
  • coffee machine
  • Arts and Crafts Zone
  • Teen Den equipped with all of the latest video and arcade games
  • Cinema Room
  • revitalised Book Bunker with enjoyable lounge area
  • Soft Play and Toddler Zone
  • Explorer’s Zone which includes sensory, construction and imaginative play

Opening hours

Mon – Fri: 8:30am–4:30pm
Sat – Sun: 10am–4pm

Starlight Children's Foundation 

Starlight Children's Foundation captains

Co-located on Level 4 in Fun on Four is the Starlight Express Room.

Join Captain Starlight and:

  • play video games
  • enjoy arts and crafts
  • get your face painted
  • watch and be a part of Starlight TV
  • watch a movie.
After 4pm, the Starlight room turns into Livewire, where visitors aged 12 years and older can go to take a break from the wards and participate in fun, age appropriate activities and workshops for older kids. For patients who are unable to leave their rooms, Captain Starlight and Livewire can visit you on the wards.

Opening hours

Mon – Fri: 9:30am–4:30pm

Radio Lollipop

Children and presenters broadcasting from Radio Lollipop's studio at PCH

Radio Lollipop volunteers visit the children on the wards to provide care, comfort, play and entertainment through one on one interaction and nightly live radio broadcasts.

Live shows, ward visits & studio opening times

Mon, Tue, Thu: 5:30–7:30pm
Sat: 3–5pm

Call the studio

6456 5629 to make a song request, shout out to friends, tell us a joke or to just say hi!

Email a song request

Tune in all day and night to listen to Radio Lollipop on your Patient Entertainment System.

Telethon Kids Discovery Centre

Dad and kids inside at Telethon Kids Discovery Centre

Budding young scientists can now gain an insight into the world of research thanks to Telethon Kids Institute’s Discovery Centre.

Located on the Ground Level of PCH, the Centre brings together science and health research in a fun and educational way. Through games, children will be able to explore the human body and learn what researchers are doing in the Institute’s laboratories.

The centre features six digital interactives offering more than 25 different games, as well as a range of tactile exhibits.

One of the games encourages children to imitate immunotherapy, working together to help white blood cells defeat cancer cells. Another allows children to find out more about health by viewing the human body using medical scanning techniques, such as X-ray, ultrasound or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 

The Discovery Centre provides a unique engaging experience for children aged 7 and up and you never know – the parents might learn something too!

Opening hours

9am–3pm Monday to Friday

Find out more  

Telethon Kids Institute Discovery Centre logo

Clown doctors

Clown Doctors are trained performers who take on the attributes of a doctor…but with fun thrown in

Imagine being sick in hospital, in need of a friend to play, laugh and smile with - that’s the magic of Clown Doctors! Clown Doctors are highly trained, professional performers who spread fun and laughter throughout the hospital, working to uplift sick children and assist in the emotional healing and empowerment of patients and ease the stress of their families and hospital staff.
By parodying the hospital routine with jokes, songs, magic and play, clown doctors engage children at their bedside, helping them to adapt to hospital life. Clown doctors work in partnership with medical professionals to divert children during painful procedures, calm and distract in emergency, encourage and assist during occupational therapy and physiotherapy, using humour to lighten the hospital environment and help parents, family members, hospital staff and most importantly, patients.
The Clown Doctors conduct rounds at PCH on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am and 3pm. For more information on how to get support from the Clown Doctors, visit the Humour Foundation’s website, or call 1300 HUMOUR (1300 486 687) between 8am and 6pm every weekday. 

In room entertainment

Each bed at PCH has a Patient Entertainment System (PES) that allows patients and families to access free-to-air and Foxtel television, patient and hospital information (like what's happening this week on Fun on Four).

Find our more about the Patient Entertainment System and how to use it here.

CAHS Arts Program

The CAHS Arts Program provides a range of creative and interactive activities and initiatives to patients, including:

Find out more

Read more about the CAHS Arts Program.

Kids under 14 years must have an adult with them when they visit. Read the Visiting Fun on Four guide for more on visiting Fun on Four.
Kids under 14 years must have an adult with them when they visit. Read the Visiting Fun on Four guide for more on visiting Fun on Four.