Accessible facilities

There is a number of accessible facilities at PCH, all of which you can look at on our hospital map.

Accessible toilets

You can find accessible toilets that can accommodate wheelchairs in the following locations:
  • Clinic A, Ground Level
  • Clinic C, Ground Level
  • Emergency Department, Ground Level
  • Medical Imaging, Ground level
  • Ronald McDonald Family Room, Ground Level (near the northern entrance) - currently closed

Adolescent changing areas

There are four adolescent change areas at PCH:
  • Ronald McDonald Family Room, Ground Level near the northern entrance- currently closed
  • Level 2 (outside the Green lifts)
  • Allied Health suit, Level 4
  • Mobile adult change table in the accessible toilet located in the lobby near the Green lifts on Level 5.

These areas have a height adjustable change table. Please bring your own sling.

If you need after hours access to an adolescent change table with a hoist, please visit the PCH Information Desk or speak to one of our staff members and someone will be called to assist.

Baby changing and breastfeeding rooms

  • Ronald McDonald Family Room, Ground Level
  • near the Emergency Department
  • Clinic C, Ground Level
  • Clinic F, Level 1