For researchers

Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) is committed to supporting our researchers so that a research culture is embedded into everyday clinical practice. This means that our researchers have the best opportunities available to deliver outcomes that make a difference to the kids and communities of Western Australia and the world.

We aim to perform patient-orientated research across the scope of paediatric disciplines, including:

  • Developing innovative treatments and therapies for children or young adults, using our advanced facilities
  • Performing high-quality investigator and industry-led clinical trials
  • Developing improved diagnostics for children or young adults
  • Understanding and preventing the development and progression of childhood illnesses.
In addition to general support services for research at CAHS, the Telethon Clinical Research Centre (TCRC) has been set up to provide CAHS researchers with access to support and guidance for research activities. Specialist support is available at any stage of a research project to enhance the value and quality of research conducted across CAHS.

Please get in touch with the CAHS Research department team to find out more or to access any of the specialist services available: