Arts Program

CAHS Artist in Residence, 2014

Image | Mural artwork created by Sharyn Egan and young people from the Bentley Adolescent Unit, 2014

The CAHS Arts Program provides a range of creative initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of patients in hospital through activities and artworks.

We believe in the power of the arts to engage patients and families and provide them with a positive distraction from the hospital environment.

The program is managed by the CAHS Art Curator and artworks are acquired in consultation with the Art Advisory Committee.

Download the CAHS Arts Program brochure (PDF 3MB)

The program


2022 PCH Arts Program

2022 PCH Arts Program

Two specially designed Arts Activity Kits are available for patients at PCH to create their own artworks with all the materials and inspiration to make:

  • Creative Critters using Air Dry Clay
  • Washi Tape Treasure Box.

These kits are available to PCH patients by emailing

Kits will also be distributed through the School of Special Educational Needs:Medical and Mental Health teaching staff.

The PCH Arts Program is managed by CAHS and delivered in partnership with the School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health with funding provided by the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Creative Critters booklet         Washi tape treasure box booklet

CAHS Art Collection

Integrating art into PCH creates a welcoming and stimulating environment for our patients, families and staff.

Perth Children’s Hospital has a collection of over 430 artworks and commissioned pieces on display throughout the hospital.

Another Place by Sarah Toohey

Image | Another Place, Sarah Toohey, 2012

The collection was established in 1985 at Princess Margaret Hospital with a focus on artwork that appeals to children and young people and contribute to their health and wellbeing. It aims to enrich the lives of those it surrounds, reflect the cultural interests of the hospital, provide educational opportunities and build an identity for the hospital.

There were eight significant artworks commissioned through the WA Government’s Percent for Art Scheme for the new hospital opening in 2018.

Window shutters to block the sun but keep views to Kings Park

Image | Fizz by Stuart Green, 2015

A new external mural was commissioned in 2020 for Ward 1A providing a more positive outlook for the Oncology patients. The 100m long mural was painted by artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers and has an accompanying activity booklet for patients. Download the activity book from the ‘Day Dreaming’ mural (PDF 3.2MB) outside Ward 1A.

Day Dreaming Mural on the wall

Image | Day Dreaming mural, Kyle Ogden-Hughes, 2020

Aboriginal artworks

Story About a Billabong, 1990 by Joyce Gumbarraway

Story About a Billabong, 1990 by Joyce Gumbarraway

CAHS is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal children, young people and their families. We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the oldest living culture, with a distinct history and heritage and enormous diversity in language, art and stories.

Providing Aboriginal artworks at Perth Children’s Hospital brings a sense of pride in Aboriginal culture and a connection to Country, whilst providing comfort to our Aboriginal patients and families. There are over 50 Aboriginal artworks on display throughout the hospital, located in public and clinical spaces, as well as corporate areas.

Staff, patients, families and visitors are encouraged to discover the many Aboriginal artworks on display at the hospital as an opportunity to celebrate and understand Aboriginal culture.

Download the Aboriginal artworks tour flyer (PDF 2.3MB) and take the virtual tour.

Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence program provides opportunities for patients to participate in creative activities that support their health and wellbeing.  Visual and performing artists take up residency at PCH over several months to deliver creative workshops activities to patients and families.

The program is funded by the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation and presented in partnership with the School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health (SSEN:MMH)

Maxxi May with children doing arts workshops      Hayley Bahr illustrations in the corridor at PMH

Image | Maxxi May running her AIR workshops with kids at PCH and Hayley Bahr's illustrations on the corridors at Princess Margaret Hospital

The program aims to make a child or parent’s stay in hospital more comfortable, while also providing moments of fun and distraction for patients, siblings and parents who spend significant amounts of time in hospital.

Steve Aiton creating animations with a patient in bed at PCH      Yarning with Sharyn Egan

Image | Steve Aiton taking his animations to kids in hospital and Yarning with Sharyn Egan

The artists work with patients through bedside visits, in classrooms, waiting areas and in Fun on Four to provide a wide range of activities including animation, printmaking, sculpture, collage, painting, photography, textiles, storytelling, singing, music and dance. 

      Maxxi May workshops with children doing artworks

Image | (L) Lucinda Crimson and (R) Maxxi May running their AIR workshops

Past Artist in Residence projects:

  • 2021 Maxxi May, Mix Tape (take a look at the patient's gallery here!)
  • 2020 Sharyn Egan, Yarning
  • 2019-21 Steven Aiton, Stop Motion Animations
  • 2018 Kate Page, Project Sing
  • 2017 Hayley Bahr, Migrating Masterpieces
  • 2017 Kaleidoscope Ensemble
  • 2017 HUSH Composer in Residence
  • 2016 Mikaela Castledine
  • 2016 Lucinda Crimson
  • 2014 Stephen Aiton, Stop Motion Animations
  • 2014 Bentley Adolescent AIR program
  • 2013 Charlotte O’Shea
  • 2012 Sarah Toohey

AiR Claymation 2020


AiR Claymation 2021

Aboriginal artworks

Take a tour of the Aboriginal Artworks at PCH.

Contact us

For more information, contact the CAHS Arts Program contact CAHS Curator, Doone McAlary.