Overseas and compensable patients

Overseas and compensable patients are subject to different charging arrangements than public and private patients of the hospital.

Overseas patients

Patients from overseas who do not have Medicare cards (external site) and are not from countries that have reciprocal health agreements with Australia* (external site) are responsible for the payment of charges for their treatment.  These charges are in accordance with the rates as set by the Department of Health.

People with working and student visas should arrange for their own private health insurance to assist in covering hospital costs. Tourists and other visitors are encouraged to arrange appropriate travel insurance.

Charges applicable to overseas patients may include:

  • hospital accommodation
  • radiology
  • pathology
  • consultants’ professional fees
  • prosthetic costs
  • emergency attendance
  • outpatient attendance. 

Insurance coverage is a personal responsibility of the patient.  The patient is responsible for the charges and any issues of health insurance are between the patient and the insurer.

Compensable patients

Compensable patients are those patients who are subject to compensation claims in relation to injuries that might be treated at the hospital. These patients are not classed as public or private patients.  

Patients who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Australia that is covered by motor vehicle accident coverage will have charges raised and sent to the Motor Vehicle Insurance Trust.  

Patients subject to workers’ compensation or other compensation claims will have charges raised and sent to the appropriate party dealing with charges related to the compensation claim. 

Charges applicable to compensable patients may include hospital accommodation, radiology, pathology, consultants’ professional fees, prosthetic costs and outpatient attendance. 

*Countries with reciprocal health agreements with Australia are: United Kingdom including Northern Ireland, Malta, Italy, Sweden, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Norway, Belgium and Slovenia.