Useful resources

As an adolescent beginning the transition process and moving from PCH to adult health services there are many things to find out along the way. The following information will assist you to find the answers to questions you may have in your steps to becoming independent.

Applying for a Medicare card

You will be covered by your family’s Medicare card until you move out of home however you can apply for your own card once you turn 15 years of age.
There is no cost to apply for a card and it is handy to have one of your own if you have appointments and your parent/carer is not attending. This website outlines the eligibility requirements for a Medicare card and how to apply for one.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

The government helps pay for many prescription medications by subsidising them through the PBS. To be eligible you have to provide your Medicare card to the pharmacist when you have a prescription filled. There is usually a cost that you have to pay for the medication, how much depends on whether you have a Health Care card. If you are taking lots of medications, once you reach the Safety Net Threshold, you will be entitled to a Safety Net Concession card which will reduce the cost of medications. Speak to your pharmacist about keeping a record of your costs.

Health Care Card and Disability Support 

As an adolescent with a medical condition you may be eligible for a Health Care Card. This will allow you to receive concessions on medications, medical appointments, transport costs and other possible benefits. You may also be eligible for other allowances such as a Disability Support Pension once you turn 16 years of age. This website provides information about the eligibility criteria and other supports that might be available to you.

Getting a Driver’s Licence

You may have thought about getting your driver’s licence now that you’re an adolescent. It’s a good idea to discuss this with your medical team to find out if your medical condition affects you getting your licence. This website outlines the processes you need to take to get your licence and lists the medical conditions that need to be reported including whether any conditions are applied to your licence.

General health and wellbeing

To build a foundation for a healthier future, it’s important for young people to have access to resources and support to improve their health literacy and build resilience. Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ after experiencing stressful events or difficult situations.

The following websites contain great information to help optimise your general health and wellbeing and build resilience. As most of the websites offer general information, it is a good idea to always talk to your health care team and your parents/carers to be clear about any information that is specific to you.

Child and Youth Health

Provides information aimed at teens (12-17 years) and young adults (18-25 years) on having a healthy mind and healthy body, relationships, drugs and alcohol and about having fun.

Provides information, support and resources on multiple topics including mental health issues, family and relationships, independence, alcohol and drugs, and sexuality.


Provides information about mental health services and assistance in promoting young peoples’ wellbeing, for young people, families and friends.

Kids Health

Provides doctor-approved information and advice on multiple topics including taking care of physical and mental health, sexual health, diet and fitness, and managing specific diseases and conditions.

Law Stuff 

Provides information about laws and rights related to young people.  Topics include alcohol, cigarettes, bullying, discrimination, medical advice, privacy, sex, tattoos and voting.

Download our Useful resources for transition Health Fact sheet (PDF)