Visiting hours

PCH main entrance with family

To help keep our sickest kids safe during Coronavirus restrictions, we have changed our visitor guidelines at PCH.


A maximum of two people are able to visit a patient at a time. This includes children under 16.

Outpatient appointments and Emergency Department

A maximum of two people may accompany a patient. This includes children under 16.

If you have any concerns about these changes, please speak to your treating team.

To minimise the spread of germs and infections, all visitors must be free of infectious diseases and viruses such as colds and the flu when they visit.

Entering PCH

Visitors and outpatients will now be screened at our checkpoint on arrival to PCH between 7am and 7.30pm, 7 days a week. The screening does not apply to Emergency Department visitors or inpatients.

The screening involves being asked a series of questions about you and your child's health.

Both the Northern entrance and Main entrance are closed to visitors. All visitors must enter via the Green lifts or the Emergency Department entrance.

Bringing gifts

Visitors are welcome to bring or send gifts to inpatients, however balloons must be latex-free and some wards will not allow flowers due to hygiene, infection control and allergy reasons.