Adalynn's story

Adalynn today
August 19, 2022

At around 9 months old, Adalynn's mum, Caris, noticed that she wasn’t hitting her major milestones and took her to the doctor. She was referred to specialists at Princess Margaret Hospital and a month later, doctors told Adalynn’s mum that she had a major stroke when she was a baby.

It was an uncertain diagnosis, as they weren’t sure what the future might hold for Adalynn. Since then, she has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, left sided weakness, epilepsy, developmental delay, ADHD and problems with her sight. She is a frequent flyer at PCH, seeing our Kids Rehab WA team regularly. Her mum, Caris, feels blessed to have the kindness clinicians, “Dr Anna, Noula and Simon have always made Adalynn feel remembered, special and important. They always have time for anything we need. They are the most amazing group of people that we feel so lucky to be under.”

Adalynn is now an amazing little 8-year-old. “Everyone she meets is drawn to her wonderful little personality. Even though she is physically disabled, she never lets anything stop her. She plays soccer, is learning piano and wants to learn tennis next!”. Her siblings help to encourage her to reach her goals and are always cheering her on.

Adalynn’s mum says it was nerve wracking hearing that your child will have a lifelong disability, but “Adalynn has taught us not to worry about a thing. She will not be treated differently, and she will go at her own pace. We are so blessed to have her as part of our family. And we have met the kindest people through this journey.”