Artist opportunity to bring Plateful of Personality project to life

A PCH chef stands at an oven with a trayful of pizzas, ready to cook
March 18, 2024

Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) is on a mission to enhance mealtimes for children and young people during inpatient admissions with its new Plateful of Personality project.

There is science behind the phrase ‘eating with your eyes’.

We all judge food by its appearance and presentation and the PCH Food Services team wants to brighten the mealtime experience by commissioning bold, colourful artistic designs for its serving ware.

Balanced nutrition is an essential component of a child’s treatment and recovery from illness.

During hospital stays, children and young people often experience low appetite. By enhancing presentation, it’s hoped they may be encouraged to eat more and look forward to mealtimes as a reprieve from potentially stressful tests and procedures.

Western Australian artists are invited to submit concepts of art or design work that will be featured on the hospital’s bowls and plates.

The artwork should be:

Two artists will be selected and will be awarded a contract to the value of $7,500 (inc. GST) each to produce a selection of four designs.

Click here to view the full project proposal and artist briefing.

Submissions close Thursday 4 April 2024

To find out more or submit, please contact:

Gina Capes
Art Curator, Child and Adolescent Health Service