Charlee's story

Charlee in a patient bed with a PCH nurse, and her mum
Charlee and her mum with one of our nurses at PCH
August 11, 2022

Charlee started her journey with us back in September 2016, when she was rushed from her home in Kalgoorlie to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) and was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She spent her 2nd birthday having surgery at PMH.

Dr Nick, Paediatric Oncologist and Head of Oncology at Perth Children's Hospital, and his team worked to find a treatment to help stop her tumour from growing. Charlee completed her treatment course and went two years with no treatment, but regular MRI check-ups. Unfortunately for Charlee, because of the location of her tumour, she has developed some secondary conditions such as pan-hypopituitarism, hypothalamic obesity and diabetes insipidus, all of which are being managed with the help of our Endocrinology team.

In April this year, Charlee’s scans showed some tumour growth. Charlee’s mum says that the MRI team have been with Charlee from the beginning, and they "make her feel so special every time she sees them." She has started in clinical trial treatment, and her mum is hopeful that this will stop and shrink the tumour.

Charlee loves her visits to PCH, "to have a chat with all the staff and patients and the music therapist." Being one of our frequent flyers, Charlee recently starred in one of our photo shoots, much to the delight of her family and friends.