Multi-faith Centre

Multi faith Centre window

PCH's Multi-faith Centre on Level 5 provides a calm and welcoming space for time-out, prayer, meditation, quiet reflection and counselling for people of all faiths, spiritual backgrounds and those of no religion.

The Multi-faith Centre has a collection of sacred texts and symbols from of a number of faith traditions.

Within the Multi-faith Centre is a book in which patients, staff and families can write prayers or messages. These prayers are remembered and honoured by the Chaplains.

A Salat Room (prayer room) provides opportunity to meet the daily worship needs of people of the Islamic tradition. Washing/ Wudu facilities are available with separate male and female prayer areas.

The adjoining courtyard is a serene area available to all visitors as a place for relaxation, contemplation and reflection.


Chaplains are available to provide pastoral and spiritual care for staff, families and carers from all religious and non-religious backgrounds.

They can also address religious and spiritual questions and concerns that may arise during hospitalisation.  

You do not need to identify as religious to receive support from the hospital's chaplains.

Spiritual care services are tailored to meet the spiritual needs of each individual or group and may include:

  • spiritual support
  • companionship
  • listening
  • prayer and blessing.

Religious support including: 

  • sacramental rites, baptisms and funerals
  • hospitality.


The centre is open at all times. You are invited to use it as a place of quiet, reflection, prayer or simply to escape the intensity of the ward or public areas. 

Pastoral care is a 24-hour service. On-call chaplains can be contacted through the hospital switchboard (6456 2222).


The Multi-faith Centre is located on Level 5, via the Green Lifts.

See the hospital map for more information.