Aboriginal Liaison Service

Who we are

Aboriginal Liaison Officers (ALOs) offer services to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families with children and young people attending Perth Children's Hospital (PCH).

At PCH we are guided by the advice of the Aboriginal Community Advisory Group and the WA Health Cultural Learning Plan. Through this plan, PCH fosters a workplace that supports and respects the knowledge of our Aboriginal staff, you as the primary caregiver of your child, and your family.

Services we provide

Aboriginal Liaison Officers (ALO) can help you by:

  • offering cultural support and advocacy
  • working with your child’s health team to ensure culturally appropriate care
  • working with you and your child’s health team to ensure you are informed and involved in all aspects of your child’s care.
The ALO team works with social workers and the welfare officer at PCH to assist families with the practical, personal and emotional impact of illness, disability and hospitalisation.


You can get in touch with an Aboriginal Liaison Officer by:
  • visiting Clinic L on Level 4 at PCH (the ALOs can visit you on the ward if you would prefer); 
  • telephone (see contact details below)
  • asking your child’s nurse or doctor to make a referral for you.



Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5.00pm.


Clinic L on Level 4

Best lifts to use: Pink or Yellow

View the PCH map for more information.

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Contact us

Phone: 6456 2222 (PCH switchboard)