Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology

The Department of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology (DCPN) provides paediatric clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology service to patients of Perth Children's Hospital and Neonatology (PCHN) (inpatient or out-patient) who have identified psychological and/or neuropsychological needs associated with their medical condition or treatment.

The Department of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology provides comprehensive biopsychosocial paediatric psychology and neuropsychology assessments, appropriate treatment and interventions for infants, children, adolescents, and their families.

Patients are referred to the program by a PCHN consultant. In addition, the department provides consultation and clinical support to the wider PCHN community.

The DCPN provides culturally informed psychological services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island families, as well as families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Services we provide

The Department of Clinical Psychology & Neuropsychology accept referrals for:

Clinical Psychology

  • Adjustment to illness or injury (e.g., low mood, anxiety)
  • Challenges and/or concerns regarding ongoing treatment adherence
  • Psychological distress related to medical trauma of a complex nature (not managed by procedural interventions)
  • Psychological or mental health issue impacting upon medical/surgical management.
  • Somatic symptoms (e.g., headache, pain, sleep difficulties, nausea &/or vomiting) with associated impact on quality of life and function (e.g., school engagement, physical activity)
  • Concerns about the infant-caregiver relationship affecting the infant’s experience (e.g., concerns about caregiver responsiveness to the infant/young child)
  • Concerns about impact of medical diagnosis and/or medically traumatic events on the infant’s/young child’s expected development (e.g., withdrawn behaviours, difficulties settling, excessive crying/irritability, feeding/sleeping difficulties)

Clinical Neuropsychology

  • The DCPN provides a neuropsychology assessment service for PCH patients (children and adolescents) who present with cognitive concerns secondary to complex medical condition and where there is a specified role in treatment managed at PCHN. For example, neuropsychology assessment for baseline as part of multidisciplinary assessments prior to planned neurosurgery and post neurosurgery assessment as part of follow-up care managed by PCH Neurology.
  • Other referrals for clinical neuropsychology will be considered on a case-by-case basis where there is case complexity and an identified role for an assessment in PCH management. For example, where intensive multidisciplinary management required at PCH and there are cognitive concerns secondary to complex medical condition are thought on impact on treatment.  Referrers are requested to first review the referral criteria for Neurosciences Unit.

How to refer


The DCPN works with infants, children and adolescents and their families who are inpatients and outpatients at PCHN.

The primary indication for referral is related to the child or adolescent’s medical condition.

Patients who meet the inpatient and outpatient criteria for PCHN are eligible for the DCPN clinical psychology service if they experience psychological distress or a mental health issue related to their medical condition, or if psychological factors are impacting on their ability to engage with and make full use of the medical treatment provided.

Patients who require neuropsychological assessment secondary to a medical or neurological condition are eligible for DCPN neuropsychological service where the assessment is related to management of treatment at PCHN as outlined above.

Referral process

Referrals will be accepted via WA Health e-referrals from managing PCHN consultants.

To be eligible for an outpatient DCPN service, the patient must be an ongoing patient of the referring consultant.


The Department does not provide an out of hours service.

For Emergency Department referrals, please contact CAMHS Crisis Connect.

For inpatient psychiatry, please contact the PCH Psychiatric In-reach Team (PPIRT).


Our service operates Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.


Our clinic is located at Clinic K, on level 2./p>

Best lift to use: Pink or Yellow

Contact us

Phone: 08 6456 0261