Complex Pain Service

Who we are 

The Complex Pain Service (CPS) provides interdisciplinary care for children and adolescents with complex pain conditions as outpatients. 

Complex pain is defined as pain that: 

  • has been present for more than three months and is impacting on a young person’s physical and/or psychological functioning
  • has not responded to routine management
  • pathology has ruled out as being caused by serious disease. 

The CPS team includes experienced medical, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology and teaching staff.  

Conditions we manage

  • Chronic widespread pain/Fibromyalgia 
  • Chronic headaches 
  • Recurrent Abdominal Pain 
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain 
  • Chronic idiopathic testicular pain 
  • Central pain syndromes related to stroke / spinal cord injury 
  • Complex post-surgical pain syndromes 
  • Neuropathic pain syndromes e.g. post-herpetic 
  • Persistent pain despite appropriate disease management   

Services we provide 

The team works closely with young people and their families, offering group and individual programs with a strong focus on self-management as well as coaching and mentoring for parents to help support young people through treatment. 

At least one parent or guardian is expected to actively participate in their child’s treatment program. 

When a young person has completed their main treatment program, Telehealth follow up and maintenance sessions can be provided for regional families to minimise the need to travel to the hospital. 


Children and adolescents may be referred to the Complex Pain Service by their treating doctor at PCH.

When our medical team is satisfied that serious diseases are being treated or have been ruled out as an underlying cause of your child’s pain, they will refer your child to the Complex Pain Service.


Outpatient services: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Outpatient services: Clinic K on Level 2 (take the Pink or Yellow lifts). 

The complex Pain Service team is located in Office 2D. 

View the PCH map for more information.

Contact us

Phone: 6456 4341 

Please note, the Complex Pain Service phone is only manned between the following hours: 

  • 7am - 3pm, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • 7am - 4pm, Tuesday
  • 7am - 2pm, Friday