Continence/Enuresis Nursing Service

Who we are

PCH’s Continence/Enuresis Nursing Service is a nurse-led service that helps children and teenagers who have problems with their bladder (weeing) or their bowels (pooing). 

Management of your child’s conditions may also involve other PCH health professionals, including physiotherapists who provide the Physiotherapy Continence Service. 

Conditions we manage

Continence problems may include:
  • bed wetting (also known as ‘enuresis’ or ‘nocturnal enuresis’) for children older than 5 ½ years
  • wetting underwear/clothes during the day (urinary incontinence) after the age of 3 years
  • pooing in underwear during the day (faecal incontinence) after being toilet trained, or after the age of 4 years 
  • being constipated. 
Seeking early advice will help to reduce the chance of these issues becoming worse.

Our services

Services provided by the Continence/Enuresis Nursing Service include:
  • A nurse-led bed wetting (enuresis) treatment program. Treatment for bed wetting can take six to eight weeks and is provided by a nurse consultant at PCH.
  • Nursing advice, support and management for children who have urinary or faecal incontinence.
  • Assessment and review of urological (bladder) issues.
PCH’s physiotherapists, general paediatricians, urologists, surgeons and gastroenterologists may also offer assistance and support for you and your child.


If you have concerns about a continence issue, please see your child’s GP in the first instance. As well as providing care, the GP may refer you to us or other service providers for further support.

Download the Central Referral Service clinical referral form - for GPs (PDF 172kb)

All Specialist Rooms, GP’s and WACHS referrers are being advised to direct all non-urgent referrals for PCH outpatient services to the Central Referral Service. 


1300 551 142 


1300 365 056 


  • New referrals will be assessed against the eligibility guidelines and prioritised according to medical need.
  • Referrals from Nurse Practitioners, other non-medical referrers and private hospitals (including those with a private-public partnership) are to be directed to PCH Referral Office.
  • All urgent referrals are to be sent to the PCH Referral Office.
  • Urgent referrals must always be discussed with the PCH Consultant / Registrar on call before the referral is sent.
  • The referral needs to include the name of the Consultant/ Registrar the referrer spoke to.
  • Each referral is to be faxed individually.

PCH switchboard

6456 2222

PCH Referral Office fax

08 6456 0097 

PCH Referral Office email


Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 4.00pm

Alternate Saturday mornings from 9.00am – 12.00pm for bed wetting patients only.

Please refer to your appointment letter for more details, including attendance at sessional clinics.


Most Continence/Enuresis Nursing Service clinics are provided in the outpatient areas on the Ground Floor or Level 1.

The Physiotherapy Continence Service is located in the Allied Health Suite, Clinic L (Level 4).

Best lift to use: Pink

View the PCH map for more information.

Contact us

Phone: 6456 0358