Who we are

PCH’s Dental Department provides preventive, restorative and orthodontic services for children and adolescents with chronic medical and dental problems that require the services of a tertiary hospital for specialist care and treatment.

The department is also an integral part of the Cleft Lip and Palate Unit and the Craniofacial Unit.

Orthodontic treatment at PCH is only available to children who are covered by the Medicare Cleft Lip and Palate Scheme (external link).

Eligibility guidelines

As our Dental department provides specialised services, a written referral from a medical, dental or nursing practitioner is essential. Eligibility is determined and prioritised according to: 

  • The degree to which a child’s medical condition affects their dentofacial growth and development, or has contributed to their oral condition. 
  • The degree to which a child's medical condition would place them at risk if managed outside of the hospital.

We do not provide routine dental care for children.

The Emergency Department is able to offer a medical assessment for children requiring emergency treatment for dental and oral injuries, as well as relief of pain or infection. In some cases, a referral may be made to the PCH Dental Department. Eligibility for treatment at PCH Dental Department is not automatic.

The following external services may assist with your child’s routine dental care or current dental problem.

Services we provide

Emergency Service

All children can access the 24 hour on-call emergency dental service, available through PCH’s Emergency Department for: 

  • Emergency pain relief
  • Traumatic orofacial injuries
  • Oral haemorrhage
  • Odontogenic infections. 
This service provides basic emergency treatment and will discharge children who are not eligible to receive treatment through PCH’s Dental Department for follow up and definitive treatment through an appropriate external service.


All Specialist Rooms, GP’s and WACHS referrers are being advised to direct all non-urgent referrals for PCH outpatient services to the Central Referral Service. 


1300 551 142 


1300 365 056


  • New referrals will be assessed against the eligibility guidelines and prioritised according to medical need.
  • Referrals from Nurse Practitioners, other non-medical referrers and private hospitals (including those with a private-public partnership) are to be directed to PCH Referral Office.
  • All urgent referrals are to be sent to the PCH Referral Office.
  • Urgent referrals must always be discussed with the PCH Consultant / Registrar on call before the referral is sent.
  • The referral needs to include the name of the Consultant/ Registrar the referrer spoke to.
  • Each referral is to be faxed individually.

PCH switchboard

6456 2222

PCH Referral Office fax

6456 0097 

PCH Referral Office email


Inpatients: 24 hours seven days per week

Outpatients: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm


Dental outpatient clinics are located on the Ground Level in Clinic C.