The Endocrinology and Diabetes Department are invested in research and development to inform clinical practice and to improve the lives of children with endocrine conditions. 

Key research areas

Diabetes led by Professor Tim Jones and Professor Elizabeth Davis
Bone health led by Associate Professor Aris Siafarikas
Endocrinology led by Professor Cathy Choong and Associate Professor Aris Siafarikas
Obesity/Weight management led by Professor Elizabeth Davis

Diabetes research

The Children's Diabetes Centre (CDC) is an integrated clinical and research centre based at the Telethon Kids Institute under the joint directorship of Professor Tim Jones and Professor Elizabeth Davis.

The CDC aims to improve the lives of children, adolescents and young adults living with diabetes and conducts research into type 1 diabetes and childhood onset type 2 Diabetes. Find out more here.

Participation in diabetes research studies

Patients are welcome to volunteer to participate in research studies. Find out more on the Children's Diabetes Centre website.

Diabetes community group

The Diabetes community group comprises parents and children living with diabetes with the purpose to provide feedback on ways to improve clinical services and provide community perspectives on current and future research activities. 

Scientific publications 

You can browse the published work of the Children’s Diabetes Centre here.

Membership of Diabetes Data Registries

Australasian Diabetes Data Network

SWEET (Better control in Pediatric and Adolescent diabeteS: Working to crEate CEnTers of Reference)