Equipment and Consumables Service

Who we are

The Equipment and Consumables Service (ECS) provides loan equipment and clinical consumables to patients for use at home after they are discharged from PCH. 

A member of your child’s medical team will prescribe any required equipment or consumables and these will be provided by the ECS.

Services we provide


We provide a wide range of paediatric special needs and medical equipment including:

  • wheelchairs
  • crutches
  • specialised chairs
  • walkers
  • showering and toileting aids
  • feeding pumps
  • suction equipment.

Equipment is generally loaned for a period of three months. Your child’s medical team will determine how long they are expected to need the equipment to ensure you receive a loan for the required length of time.

When your loan period is coming to an end you will be notified by the ECS. If your child still requires the equipment you may apply for a loan extension, which will need to be approved by a member of your child’s medical team. If your child no longer needs the equipment, you are required to return loan items to the ECS at PCH.


The ECS provides consumable items that cannot be purchased from a general chemist or supermarket including:

  • syringes and other sterile items
  • nasogastric and PEG feeding supplies
  • suction and tracheostomy supplies.

If your child requires consumable items when they are discharged, their ward will provide an initial two week supply. If ongoing supplies are required, your child’s nurse will refer you to the Home Consumables Service, which operates out of the ECS.

The ECS can only provide consumables at the rate prescribed by the treating team or specialist.


Your child’s medical team will ensure that they are prescribed any equipment or consumables they will need following their discharge from hospital. Please speak to a staff member on your child’s ward if you have any questions about the ECS.


Monday to Friday: 8am – 5pm 

Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 4pm 

Christmas hours

Thursday 24 December: 8am to 4pm
Friday 25 December: Closed
Saturday 26 December: Closed
Sunday 27 December: Closed
Monday 28 December: Closed                
Tuesday 29 December: 8am to 4pm
Wednesday 30 December: 8am to 4pm
Thursday 31 December: 8am to 4pm
Friday 1 January: Closed
Saturday 2 January: Closed
Sunday 3 January: Closed


The ECS is located in Basement Two and can be accessed via the Green Lifts or basement car park.

View the PCH map for more information.

There are 15 minute parking bays close to the entrance of the ECS in Basement 2 for you to use. Please phone ECS to enquire about these parking bays or if you require help collecting or returning your equipment.

Contact us

Phone: 6456 0905