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Service change: Outpatient appointments

To help us all stay healthy, we are changing the way we offer some of our services.

Outpatient appointments are currently proceeding as normal - for some patients, the health of your child may be compromised if you don't attend or you change your appointment.

We recommend that parents should only reschedule an outpatient appointment if: they are being quarantined at home, are in self isolation or any child who has had close contact with a known Coronavirus case.

If your child has symptoms of fever, runny nose, sore throat or cough, we recommend that you reschedule your non-urgent appointments until your child is better.

If you are concerned about attending outpatient clinics in person, please feel free to discuss this option with your treating team. If you do intend to change or cancel your appointment, please call the number on the bottom of your outpatient letter, or Outpatient Direct on 1300 855 275.


There may also be other ways of attending your outpatient appointment. Some outpatient departments are contacting families to organise alternative ways of attending your appointment including telephone or videoconference appointments (Telehealth). They will be in contact with you directly prior to your appointment if this is suitable for your child.

Who we are

The Outpatient Department sees patients from a range of specialties in medical, allied health and nursing clinics.

Preparing for your appointment

Please refer to your child's appointment letter for your appointment time and the location of the clinic the clinic you will be attending. Please allow two to three hours for the appointment.

If you are unable to attend your clinic appointment, please call Outpatient Direct on 1300 855 275 as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements. You can also manage your appointment using the Manage My Care app.

If your child is unwell, see your GP or attend your nearest emergency department if required.

Please do not attend your outpatient appointment and reschedule your appointment if you, your child or anyone visiting PCH has any of the following:

  • flu like symptoms
  • vomiting or diarrhoea
  • generalised unexplained rash.

What should I bring?

  • children must be accompanied by their primary caregiver (parent or legal guardian)
  • outpatient appointment letter
  • any relevant x-rays or pathology reports
  • Child Health Record
  • Medicare card and any other concession cards.

When you arrive

PCH's main entrance is off Hospital Avenue. The Outpatient Department is closest to the hospital's northern entrance, which is a short walk from the QEIIMC car parks.

Clinics A, B and C are located on the Ground Level and Clinics D, E, F, G, K and L are accessible via the pink or yellow lifts.
Oncology Outpatients and Same Day Care (Clinic H) and Burns Outpatients and Same Day Care (Clinic J) are only accessible via the green lifts.

Self check-in for outpatient appointments

PCH has introduced electronic check-in kiosks for outpatient appointments. Much like an airport self-check-in, you can use these instead of presenting at the clinic desks.

If you need to update any of your personal details you will be directed to the clinic clerk for help.

The kiosks are located inside the main and northern entrances to PCH as well as outside some specialist clinics on levels 1, 2 and 4.

To check-in:

  1. Scan the bar code on your child’s appointment letter or swipe their Medicare card.
  2. Confirm the patient’s details through a series of steps.
  3. You will receive a ticket and be directed to your clinic waiting area. TV screens are located in clinic waiting areas and will display your ticket number and will display your ticket number when the doctor or nurse is ready to see you.
  4. If your clinic is delayed, you can choose to receive an SMS to notify you when it is time to return to the clinic waiting area, so you can enjoy other areas of the hospital while you wait.

When the clinician is ready to see you

Screens displaying ticket numbers are located in the clinic waiting areas. When the clinician is ready to see you, your ticket number will be displayed on the TV and you can then make your way to the room number shown on the screen.

While you are waiting there may be several clinics running at the same time so the ticket numbers may not be called in order. This does not mean that you have missed your appointment.

Clinic staff will always be available to help you. You can also visit the Information Desk located on Ground Level opposite the main entrance or ask a volunteer (PCH volunteers wear tangerine tops).


Please visit Referrals to PCH and individual departments for referral information.

Outpatient Direct

Call Outpatient Direct to reschedule or cancel an appointment or if you have forgotten when or where the appointment is.


1300 855 275


The Outpatient Department is open from 8.00am – 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

Contact us 

For referrals to Outpatients, visit For health professionals.

To reach an Outpatient department, call PCH Switchboard on 6456 2222.


The Outpatient Department is located on the Ground Level and Level 1. There are also some specialist clinics on Levels 2 and 4. 

Find out about travelling to PCH and parking.

Your child’s clinic location will be printed on their appointment letter. View the list of outpatient clinics and their locations.

View the PCH map for more information.

Clinic A, B, C: Ground Level

Clinic D, E, F, G: take the Pink Lifts to Level 1

Clinic H, J: take the Green Lifts to Level 1

Clinic K: take the Pink Lifts to Level 2

Clinic L: Take the Pink Lifts to Level 4

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