Stomal and Wound Therapy Management

Who we are

PCH’s specialist Stomal Therapy and Wound Management nursing service provides care for inpatients and outpatients who have a stoma or who are undergoing surgery that will result in a stoma (a surgically created opening on the wall of the abdomen that helps with the drainage of body products that would normally be removed from the body by the bowel or bladder).

Types of stoma include colostomy, ileostomy, vesicostomy, appendicostomy or mitrofanoff).

A stoma may be temporary (to allow the bowel time to heal) or permanent.

We also provide consultative services for children with complex wounds and skin issues.

Services we provide

The Stomal Therapy and Wound Management service includes:

  • preoperative counselling
  • education
  • patient assessment
  • stoma siting
  • ongoing stoma management
  • troubleshooting.
  • consultation for patients with fistulas, complex wounds and skin issues related to stoma management.

Our Stomal Therapy and Wound Management nurse practitioner works closely with the surgical services team to care for your child when they are admitted to hospital.

Our nurse practitioner provides:

  • a bi-weekly Stomal Therapy and Wound Management outpatient clinic at PCH
  • ad hoc appointments to address urgent and unplanned issues relating to stoma and wound management
  • ongoing education and advice on diet and lifestyle to help manage your child’s stoma.

We can facilitate your application for membership to community support groups, including the WA Ostomy Association (WAOA). WAOA processes applications for the Department Of Health Stoma Appliance Scheme, which provides members with stoma pouches and accessories required for ongoing stoma management.


We accept referrals for consultations from PCH inpatient units, the PCH Emergency Department and external healthcare providers for:

  • PCH inpatients with a newly formed stoma
  • children who are scheduled for stoma formation while they are an inpatient and who have been referred by a consultant or registrar
  • patients who have been readmitted following recent stoma formation
  • inpatients requiring complex wound management who have been referred by medical or nursing staff
  • paediatric patients who have undergone surgery at another healthcare facility
  • patients who develop a hospital acquired pressure injury (stage two and above).



Inpatients: A consultative service is offered during business hours.

Outpatients: Thursdays, 8.30am – 12.30pm

Contact us 

Phone: 6456 0355

Fax: 6456 2052



Outpatients: Clinic C, Ground Level.

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