New guide for type 2 diabetes

Your Guide to Type 2 Diabetes
July 15, 2021

CAHS recently launched Your Guide to Type 2 Diabetes – a resource full of information, diagrams and pictures giving practical advice and tips so that our type 2 diabetes patients and families can better manage medication, diet and exercise.

The incidence of type 2 diabetes is increasing in WA kids, with around 25 new cases diagnosed each year. Statewide there are around 85 children living with this condition, and one third of them are in regional or remote areas.

Most commonly diagnosed during or post puberty, type 2 is caused by an increase in the body’s own insulin resistance. Children most at risk are those who are overweight and have two of the following factors:

  • signs of insulin resistance diagnosed by a medical professional
  • family history
  • mothers who have experienced diabetes during pregnancy
  • from a high-risk ethnic group such as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, South East Asian and Asian.

Funded by the PCH Foundation and Barton Family Trust, this resource is now available through our Diabetes team.