Medical Imaging

Who we are

The Medical Imaging (MI) department at PCH offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services for children who are 15 years old or under. 

The tests and treatments we offer include:

  • general x-rays
  • ultrasound
  • computerised tomography (CT)
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • fluoroscopy (x-ray screening)
  • interventional radiology (IR)
  • nuclear medicine (NM).

The department performs approximately 56,000 examinations per year, including:

  • approximately 9,800 ultrasound scans
  • 2,600 fluoroscopic studies
  • 3,100 CT examinations
  • 5,200 MRI examinations
  • 500 nuclear medicine examinations
  • 32,000 plain radiography cases
  • 1,100 interventional procedures.

Our Medical Imaging department has been specifically designed with children in mind. The décor is bright and child-friendly and we have many methods of distraction and entertainment to help make children feel safe and comfortable during their visit. Where possible, we encourage parents to be present during their child’s examination.

All of our highly specialised equipment and procedures have been developed specially for infants and children.

Our team of radiologists, nurses and medical imaging technologists (MITs) have had specialised training in paediatric radiology and are attuned to the needs of children and families. Our paediatric radiologists and MITs perform the highest quality imaging studies with a compassionate, child-friendly focus and patients and families receive care and support from our experienced nursing staff.

The MI team comprises of approximately 50 radiographers, 15 radiology consultants, four nuclear medicine physicians, 10 imaging nurses and a number of radiology registrars from other hospitals who come to PCH on rotation for specialist training.

Services we provide

Preparation for procedures

Preparation will differ depending on which type of imaging examination is required. All the relevant information will be provided in your appointment letter. 

Test results

The results of your child’s test will be communicated to their referring clinician in a written report or via a phone call. You may also be invited to regular meetings with your child’s clinical team, including a member of the Medical Imaging team.

In most cases, results will be available within 48 hours of your child’s test and will be provided to your referring clinician by letter or shared with you at your next outpatient appointment at PCH. If results are not available, please contact your referring clinician. Please do not contact the Medical Imaging department, as radiology reports are not provided to patients or families.


Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm

Extended hours for CT, ultrasound and MRI.


Medical Imaging is located on the Ground Floor, next to the Emergency Department.

View the PCH map for more information.

Contact us 

Phone: 6456 0007 

Fax: 6456 0070 

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