Pelvic Injury – Trauma (PIC)


These guidelines have been adopted to guide clinical decision making for the medical, nursing and allied health staff of Perth Children’s Hospital. They are not strict protocols, and they do not replace the judgement of a senior clinician. Clinical common-sense should be applied at all times. These clinical guidelines should never be relied on as a substitute for proper assessment with respect to the particular circumstances of each case and the needs of each patient. Clinicians should also consider the local skill level available and their local area policies before following any guideline.

Paediatric Improvement Collaborative Clinical Practice Guideline

The following guideline has been endorsed by the National Paediatric Improvement Collaborative and should be used in conjunction with the relevant local guidelines.

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Management of Pelvic Injury – Trauma at Perth Children’s Hospital follows the evidence-based guidelines from the National Paediatric Improvement Collaborative (PIC).

The guideline should be used in conjunction with local policies and guidelines pertinent to the management of Pelvic Injury – Trauma in your health service.

Please refer to the PIC Guidelines disclaimer.

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