CARE call

Are you worried about the condition of your child in hospital?

We will listen to you.

There are different ways to let us know that you are worried. The CARE Call steps will help you progress your concerns.

CARE call steps

 CARE call step 1   

Step 1

Talk to your child’s nurse or doctor

Use the bedside call bell or go to the nurses’ station to talk to your child’s nurse or doctor about your concerns and ask for an assessment.

 CARE call step 2  

Step 2

Talk to the Nurse Coordinator

Ask to speak to the Nurse Coordinator in charge of the ward. They will be wearing a yellow sash around their neck.

 CARE call step 3  

Step 3

Make the CARE call

If you think the condition of your child is urgent, or your concerns still have not been heard, you can make a CARE call on 6456 0337.

What will happen when you make the call?

Making a CARE Call will reach the Medical Emergency Team (MET), who will ask for:
  • your name
  • your child’s name
  • the ward and bed number.
Someone from the MET team will come and provide an urgent review.

When shouldn’t I make a CARE Call?

CARE call is only for patients who are at Perth Children’s Hospital.

If you have a complaint or feedback about something other than the urgent condition of your child, please speak to your nurse or visit our Compliments and complaints.