Occupational Therapy

Who we are

Occupational therapists work with infants, children, adolescents and their families using a holistic and child-centred approach and a bio-psychosocial model of care. We assess a child’s strengths and challenges and how their sensory, cognitive, motor and social-emotional skills foster participation and engagement in their world.

The PCH Occupational Therapy department is part of the Allied Health service.

Services we provide

  • We promote children’s participation in life (play and leisure, self-care, friendships, school and vocation) despite illness, injury or disability 
  • Using developmental and play-based frameworks, we assess children’s ability to cope and manage the challenges of being in hospital. Our role is to advocate and support children to minimise the impact of pain, procedures and traumatic experiences, working in close collaboration with KKIND (Keeping Kids in No Distress)
  • We coordinate the Play, Leisure and Engagement (PLAE) service which provides universal toy rounds, targeted play and clinical play for infants, children and adolescents to promote development, self-regulation, reduced anxiety, socialisation and fun
  • We are trained to assess and adapt the physical and sensory environments to optimise a child’s function in hospital, their safe transition to home and their participation in the community
  • We aim to optimise children’s ability to function independently across their day, promoting a sense of achievement and self.
We are based at PCH’s Allied Health Suite, on Level 4, which has interview rooms, therapy rooms, speciality rooms and a multi-function sensory room.

Play, Leisure and Engagement (PLAE) 

Who we are

We recognise that babies, children and adolescents have different needs for play depending on their age, developmental needs and clinical condition. 

Our service

Our play and recreation service is divided into three categories:

Universal play

Universal play is for all children and is available at the bedside or in Fun on Four (Level 4) the Starlight Express and LiveWire rooms and Radio Lollipop. Children may access resources through the Toy Library, with support from PCH Volunteers and our non-government partners such as Clown Doctors, Captain Starlight and Animal Companions.

Targeted play

Targeted play is available for children who need specific activities or resources to achieve developmental or rehabilitation goals. A referral to the Occupational Therapy Play, Leisure and Engagement team (PLAE team) is required to access this service.

Clinical play

Clinical play is available for children who may be showing signs of distress or having difficulty coping and require additional clinical support during their stay in hospital. Occupational Therapists or Clinical Psychologists deliver this service on a referral basis.


Referrals to PLAE's targeted and clinical play services are made through your child's medical team.

Music Therapy

Who we are

Music Therapy at PCH is provided by  registered music therapists (RMT) who have completed an accredited tertiary course. RMTs have studied all aspects of music performance and theory, as well as psychology, physiology and social theory, and models of therapeutic intervention. They are registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association Inc. 

Music Therapists support infants, children and adolescents in managing their hospital experience by using age-appropriate musical activities to address developmental, emotional, psychological, cognitive, physical and social needs. The aim of Music Therapy is to use the experience of engaging with music (playing instruments, singing, therapeutic listening, song writing) to provide treatment support, mental health support and/or neurodevelopmental support. This is achieved through a range of face-to-face services and resourcing. 

Services we provide

  • Music therapy services are currently available for infants/children and adolescents referred to either the Oncology and Haematology (funded by Redkite) or the Neurology/Spinal Rehabilitation team (funded by the PCH Foundation)
  • Music therapists provide one-to-one and group programs based on an assessment of needs completed in partnership with you and your child’s healthcare team.


Occupational Therapy services are available to both PCH inpatients and outpatients. Referrals can only be made by doctors at PCH.

Music Therapy services are available to both PCH inpatients and outpatients. Please speak to a member of your child’s team for a referral. 


Allied Health Suite – Clinic L on Level 4

Best lifts to use: Pink 

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Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm


Phone: 6456 0409