Healthy Weight Service - For patients and families

Our experienced and specialist team will work together with you and your family to support and promote a long-term healthy lifestyle through a range of interactive programs. We provide advice that is safe and effective to assist young people to manage their weight in a healthy way. You will have access to medical assessment and follow up, as well as dietetic, physiotherapy and mental health advice in one setting. 

Our programs involve regular appointments and support at PCH and are generally offered for a period of six to 12 months. We offer a range of group sessions, which include age-appropriate education and activities for children and young people while parents/carers meet with Healthy Weight Service staff and other families:

Adolescent group program

The Adolescent group sessions are designed for young people aged 12-16 years who attend with a parent/carer. Young people are encouraged to take an active role in their own management and are given practical and evidence-based advice on how to implement a healthy diet and physical activity into their lives. 

We address issues of motivation, barriers to change and sustaining behaviour change over time. Parents/carers can problem solve the difficulties they encounter in assisting their children to put healthy lifestyle changes into practice. The young people have the opportunity to engage in physical activity, guided by our physiotherapist in the PCH gym and pool.

Child group program

The child groups are designed for children aged 6-11 years. These group sessions are activity based and designed so children learn more about healthy eating and exercise through games and fun activities. Parents/carers receive information from the health professionals on our team, have the chance to swap tips and ideas with other parents/carers, problem solve and set realistic lifestyle change goals.

Busy Bodies group program

These ‘Busy Bodies’ groups focus on young children aged 2-6 years. Young children can play and move in a safe environment while parents/carers have the opportunity to speak with staff from our team who provide practical education to support a healthy lifestyle. The children have the opportunity to have a healthy snack at the end of each session. We find that it’s much easier for parents and carers to talk to staff, exchange information and advice and set goals for change if the kids are kept busy!

How do I get referred to the Healthy Weight Service?

Referral to the Healthy Weight Service (HWS) can only be made by a GP. Referral criteria apply and your GP will assess if your child is eligible to receive care through the HWS. Your referring GP may request that your child has some blood tests to determine the cause for the weight gain and any complications associated with weight.  

The following resources provide more information for families on the Healthy Weight Service, as well as the complications and treatment of complications associated with excess weight.

Health Fact sheet

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