Respiratory and Sleep

Who we are

The Respiratory and Sleep Service at PCH provides inpatient and outpatient diagnostic services and care for children up who are 15 years old or under with respiratory or sleep conditions.

The service comprises:

  • Respiratory Medicine
  • Respiratory Function Laboratory
  • Sleep Disorders Unit

and these special services:

  • Evaluation of fitness to travel by air (simulated aircraft cabin testing at 14 per cent oxygen)
  • Bronchoscopy services – flexible fibro-optic bronchoscopy can be performed on appropriate cases
  • Coordination of a multi-disciplinary Cystic Fibrosis clinic
  • Ambulatory respiratory support, including domiciliary oxygen and positive pressure support.

Conditions we manage

Our team is experienced in the investigation and management of a range of respiratory conditions, including:

We also provide sleep clinics for children with respiratory and non-respiratory sleep disorders and run a home oxygen and ventilator support service.

Services we provide

Respiratory Support Service

  • Long term (domiciliary) oxygen and ventilatory support.
  • Infant lung function.

Respiratory Laboratory

  • Spirometry, complex pulmonary function
  • Exercise challenge testing
  • Histamine or methacholine challenge testing
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • Evaluation of arterial oxygen by oximetry
  • Flight simulation tests.

Sleep Disorders Unit

Full evaluation of sleep disorders using a range of diagnostic tests including:
  • Polysomnography (PSG) – an overnight sleep study used to diagnose sleep disorders. PSG tests can be performed by PCH sleep consultants in the Sleep Disorders Unit, in the patient’s home and at selected regional hospitals (Karratha, Port Hedland, Broome, Kalgoorlie, Busselton)
  • Multiple sleep latency and maintenance of wakefulness testing daytime tests that measure sleepiness and alertness
  • Overnight pulse oximetry screening – a screening test for sleep disorders that is usually performed over one night
  • Simultaneous overnight pulse oximetry and transcutaneous carbon dioxide screening – a three night assessment of the efficiency of nocturnal home ventilation in neuromuscular patients
  • Actigraphy – a non-invasive test that uses a wristwatch like device worn on the wrist or ankle to monitor human rest/activity cycles over an extended period
  • Blue light blocking glasses - used to address the timing of the sleep-wake cycle

Special services

Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

Our multidisciplinary services include:
  • Intensive inpatient and outpatient family education, support and medical care in the early months following diagnosis
  • Ongoing medical care, guidance and education of the management of cystic fibrosis
  • Around-the-clock on-call and emergency telephone support for families and patients
  • An early surveillance program with the aim of detecting and treating infections in young children before symptoms occur
  • Clinic visits at least four times a year to closely monitor your child’s condition
  • Inpatient care and assessment
  • A state-wide service that includes team visits four times a year to five rural sites
  • An in-depth review every year, including health screening and education updates
  • A planned transition to adult cystic fibrosis services when the young person is ready
  • A consumer reference group to provide input into these services.

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Technology dependent children

Our Clinical Nurse Consultant for Technology Dependent Children (CNC TDC) provides specialist care to children who require long-term ventilation via a tracheostomy (breathing tube). Working closely with other members of the clinical team in the hospital and community, the CNC TDC assists these patients with their transition from Paediatric Critical Care to a ward and then to home. 


All Specialist Rooms, GP’s and WACHS referrers are being advised to direct all non-urgent referrals for PCH outpatient services to the Central Referral Service

For more information, visit Referrals to PCH and our pre-referral guidelines.

Pre-referral guidelines

Cystic Fibrosis


Inpatients: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outpatients: Monday to Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Overnight services: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, 4.00pm – 7.30am.


Inpatient services:

  • Paediatric – Ward 2B
  • Adolescent  – Ward 4A

Our Respiratory Laboratory and outpatient clinic is located in Clinic F on Level 1.

Our Sleep Lab is located in Clinic G on Level 1.

These areas are most easily accessed via the Pink Lifts.

View the PCH map for more information.

Contact us 

Phone: 6456 2222 (PCH switchboard) 

Fax: 6456 2075

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