Cystic Fibrosis

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Who we are

The CF team at PCH is a multidisciplinary team that provides holistic health care to all infants, children and young people in WA with CF until care is transferred to adult services in late adolescence. The team consists of respiratory physicians, specialist nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, social workers, psychologists, pharmacists and administrative assistants.

What we do 

We provide health care to children with CF by working in partnership with people with CF and their families from the time of diagnosis. We do so through regular outpatient clinics and in-hospital care when required. We also provide quarterly rural outreach clinics to Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Port Hedland, Karratha and Broome. We provide leadership in CF care across Western Australia.

Services we provide

Our multidisciplinary services include:

  • Intensive inpatient and outpatient family education, support and medical care in the early months following diagnosis
  • Ongoing medical care, guidance and education of the management of cystic fibrosis
  • Around-the-clock on-call and emergency telephone support for families and patients
  • An early surveillance program with the aim of detecting and treating infections in young children before symptoms occur
  • Clinic visits at least four times a year to closely monitor your child’s condition
  • Inpatient care and assessment
  • A state-wide service that includes team visits four times a year to five rural sites
  • An in-depth review every year, including health screening and education updates
  • A planned transition to adult cystic fibrosis services when the young person is ready
  • A consumer reference group to provide input into these services.

For patients and families

Meet the team


If your child is experiencing an emergency, either:

  • telephone 000 for an ambulance
  • attend the Emergency Department at PCH or your nearest hospital
  • telephone PCH on 6456 2222 and ask for the on-call respiratory consultant.



  • Paediatric – Ward 2B
  • Adolescent  – Ward 4A


Our outpatient clinic is located in Clinic F on Level 1.

Contact us

About your respiratory clinic appointment

Call 6456 0217 or email.