SPOCC works with Health Service Providers to ensure that WA Health system employees are aware of and understand their obligations around child abuse and neglect. 

All training offered by SPOCC is free and open to all WA Health system employees. 

eLearning - Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse 

All doctors, nurses and midwives working within the WA Health system must complete a mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse information session. 

Information sessions can be accessed through: 
  • your Learning Management System  
  • Mandatory reporting information session on HealthPoint (internal WA Health only)
  • this website for visiting medical professionals or temporary clinical staff. 
    • If using this link to complete the MRCSA information session, please note you must keep a copy of the results page and submit it to the health service provider as proof of completion of this form of mandatory training. 
WA Health system employees unable to complete the online training may contact the SPOCC Unit to attend a face-to-face information session.   


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