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Rare Care – the Clinical Centre of Expertise for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases (Rare Care Centre) aspires to ensure children with rare and undiagnosed diseases (RUD) and their families, live their best lives possible.

The Rare Care clinical service provides holistic care and support through a dedicated statewide cross sector care coordination service for children and adolescents with a rare or undiagnosed disease.

The clinical service is complemented by innovative digital solutions, education and workforce capacity building initiatives, family support programs, new clinical research infrastructure, global professional networks, and advocacy locally, nationally and internationally.

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Rare Disease Facts 

Impact report

The Rare Care Centre has recently released its inaugural impact report.

The report highlights the key milestones, accomplishments, partnerships and new initiatives led by the Centre in the first year. This work demonstrates the unwavering commitment to transforming the lives for children living with rare and undiagnosed diseases and their families. 

Read the report [PDF] 

Funding partners

The Rare Care Centre is a unique alliance between Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) and the following philanthropic foundations:

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